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Received ideas

Received ideas

Examples received ideas on food flavorings

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The flavours are all "chemical" !

As in any product, there are very different flavours qualities.

It is true that certain first-price flavorings used in the food industry are only obtained from synthetic flavouring substances, but this is not the case for all flavourings.

In natural flavours and organic flavours, certain natural flavouring substances can reach several thousand euros.


"I prefer to use essential oils".

Essential oils are an integral part of the panel of raw materials that we use in our trade in the same way as oleoresins, absolutes, Co2 extracts, infusions, alcoholates and any other natural flavoring preparations.

We do not recommend the use of essential oils directly in food preparations because of their excessive concentration.
In fact, the dosage of flavours is not always easy because of their concentration. Since essential oils are significantly more concentrated, their dosage is therefore relatively difficult. Today, their concentrations mean that they are considered as dangerous products (cf. European REACH legislation).
They must therefore be handled with care while wearing suitable body protection (gloves, mask and glasses).
The personnel must be trained for these manipulations.
There are also qualities on the market not intended for food products.