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The flavour

Our aromas
Liquid flavours, powder flavours, natural flavours, organic flavours, spice flavours, floral and fruit flavours. Our extensive range will meet all your expectations.

Powder flavoursPowder flavours

Liquid flavoursLiquid flavours

Organic flavoursOrganic flavours

Our vanilla expertise
We offer the flagship product in all its forms; flavours, natural flavours, pure extracts, pods, seeds, exhausted vanilla ...

The colour

We produce a complete range of natural and synthetic colourings to help you adapt the appearance of your product.

The texture

In response to requests from our customers, we offer different additives and texturisers. These are valuable technological aids which will solve your specific problems.
In response to the request of our customers, we offer different additives and you are interested in our products Product list
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