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Vanilla in all its forms is by far the most important market in the world in the flavouring Industry.

We offer it in all its forms : 

Bourbon Vanilla pods

Bourbon Vanilla spent grains (for the visual aspect)

Vanilla extract

Natural Vanilla flavours

Vanilla flavours

Used for decades in the food Industry, Vanilla, whose prices have fluctuated very much, has often been subtituted in many food preparations.

The true Vanilla taste is missing in today's industrialy produced ice cream.

Real enthusiasts will remain faithful to Vanilla pods and Vanilla extract wgich will reflect the original subtle orchid.

However, consumer taste being what it is today we recommand the use of natural Vanilla flavours to wgich we have added aromatic subtleties to enhance the final flavour.

These milky, mild, carmelised notes will remaind the consumer of the taste of Vanilla wgich he knows and recognizes as such.

These natural flavours are better for your clients.

The best results are often obtained by mixing several substances.

For example : When the resale prices of Vanilla pods and natural Vanilla flavourings are too prohitive, spent Vanilla and flavourings are too prohibitive spent Vanilla and flavourings can be subtitued.


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Liquid and Organic Flavours

There are different dosage methods :

Dosage by instinct
Dosage by instinct :
In the same way that you season a sauce, add a few drops of flavour and adjust after tasting.
Measured dosage
Measured dosage :
Calculate the approximate volume to flavour by totalling all the ingredients in your recipe.

Using a measuring cup and the dosage indicated on the label of the flavour, measure the amount of flavour to add.

For example, for an average dosage of 0.5% per liter of preparation: measure 5 ml of flavour.
Flavours are concentrated products. Begin with a light dosage and only strengthen if necessary.

Good to Know

All bottles come with a dropper.

Bottles of 115ml, 500ml and 1 liter also have a measuring cup.

The average dosage of flavours is 0.5% (ie 5g per kg of preparation).

Mint flavour will not have the same dosage as raspberry flavour.

If the preparation is to be cooked, increase the dosage according to the duration and intensity of cooking.

To learn more about flavours and their use:

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Bottles and transparent and unbreakable PET pots. Jerrikans.
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